Board And Members

Being a Class I Cantonment, Cantonment Board Kanpur has 16 members including the president cantonment Board. Out of these 4 are nominated by the officer commanding the station and 8 are elected by the residents of the cantonment, 1 member is nominated by the district magistrate. Rest are Ex-Officio members like health officer and executive engineer.

Vice President
Brig Pramit Saxena
Shri Lakhan Lal Omar
Shri  Amit Kumar, IDES
Stn Cdr – Ex-Officio President
Ward No 3 Elected Member Chief Executive Officer


1 ward No 1 Smt Prastavana Tiwari Elected Member
2 ward No 2 Shri Chokhe Lal Majwar Elected Member
3 ward No 3 Shri Lakhan Lal Omar Elected Member
3 ward No 4 Mohammad Farog Alam Elected Member
4 ward No 5 Smt. Aneeta Yadav Elected Member
5 ward No 6 Shri Niharl Chandra Gupta Elected Member
6 ward No 7 Smt Shikha Trivedi Elected Member
7 ward No 8 Shri Raju Elected Member
8 SEMO Gp Capt. Abhijit Mandal Nominated Member
9 Col. S.K. Malhotra Nominated Member
10 Col. Sanjeev Bakshi Nominated Member
11 G.E Shri H.K. Singh
12 Lt. Col. A. K. Shukla Nominated Member
13 ADM CITY Shri Avinash Singh Nominated Member