Cattle Pound

Kanpur cantonment maintains a cattle pound for impounding stray cattle. The impounded cattle can be got released by paying following fines and charges :-

S.No. Type of cattle Pound Fee per animal
1. Cow/Ox/Horse Rs. 200.00
2. Buffalo Rs. 00.00
3. Goat Rs. 00.00
4. Pig/Donkey Rs. 00.00

Beside this feeding charge @ Rs. 0.00 per day for adult animals and Rs. 0.00 for animal below one year is being levied. Rs. 0.0 is fixed for goat.

Cantonment Board Kanpur also imposes a composition fee for releasing the cattle at the rates given below :-

  • Cow, buffalo, pig, horse, ox etc. – Rs. 00.00 per animal
  • Goat, calf, sheep etc. – Rs. 00.00 per animal