Issuance of Certificates:

The certificates in respect of births and deaths registered with the Cantonment Board are issued by the Chief Executive Officer on request on payment of fee as given below:

  • For grant of birth/death certificate – Rs.5/-
  • Non availability of birth/death certificate – Rs.2/-

Correction for erroneous entries:

Any person desirous of correcting the entries mentioned in the birth and death register which, in his opinion, are erroneous. must produce two creditable persons, having knowledge of the facts of the case and a declaration signed by him, setting forth the nature of the error before the registrar who after considering the facts of the case shall pass necessary orders thereon.

Procedure for Late Registration:

The information regarding any birth, death, still birth is to be given to the Cantt Executive Officer within 21 days from the date of occurrence. However late registration can also be done by following the procedure given below:

  • Information given later than 21 days and before completion of 30 days of occurrence – by payment of a late fee of Rs.2/-.
  • Information given later than 30 days but before completion of one year from the date of occurrence – with the written permission of additional district registrar and on payment of late fee of Rs.5/-. The additional district registrar in respect of Kanpur Cantonment is deputy Chief Medical Officer, Jhansi.
  • Information given after lapse of one year from the date of its occurrence – The registration shall be made only after order passed by the sub divisional magistrate and on payment of late fee of Rs.10/-.