Citizen’s Responsibility


  • Keep environment clean and green and co-operate with the cantt board staff in their duties.
  • Observe Law of the land in both letter and spirit.
  • Using pedestrian tracks while walking in parks/gardens.
  • Observe traffic rules.
  • Cooperate in tree plantation.
  • Use parking space for parking the vehicles.


  • Dont spit on public road, street, parks.
  • Consumption of drugs and liquor.
  • Carrying pets in parks/gardens.
  • Throwing garbage, empty container, packages, polythene etc. on prohibited public places.
  • Damaging grass & plants etc. in parks and road sides.
  • Use of Poly bags.

Punishable Offenses under the Cantonment Act

  • Trading without obtaining a license.
  • Manual scavenging and discharging night soils into public drains.
  • Use of loudspeakers without permission of the CEO.
  • Keeping animals without permission from the CEO.
  • Putting bills, slogans etc. on walls.
  • Digging the holes/pits on govt land.