Contact Details

Telephone Numbers & Address Of Employees:

CEO’s Residence
Phone No. 0512-2381285
Address B.No. 64, Tagore Road, Cant Kanpur

Mobile No’s of Staff provided with the facility –

Designation Name Contact No.
Medical Officer Dr Vishnu Prakash 0512-2328186
EE Sh. Neeraj Jain 0512-2381285
Revenue Supdt. Sh. V.N.Shukla 0512-2381285
Sanitary Supdt. Sh. Praveen Gupta 0512-2381285

Telephone No’s of other supervisory Staff –

Designation Name Contact No.
OS Sh. Sivendra Kumar 0512-2381285
Actt. Smt. Anita Rathore 0512-2381285