Places To See

Valmiki Ashram

61_7It is closely associated with the Indian epic Ramayana. Located on a hillock, it is believed to be the place where Sita stayed during her exile and where her sons – Luv and Kush – were born. A stairway to heaven’s if ascended, offers a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.

Shri Radhakrishna temple:
Shri Radhakrishna temple is a mixture of the north and south Indian styles of temple architecture. Since the temple has been built by the JK Trust and is also known as the JK Temple.

Moti Jheel

Located near the temple is the Moti Jheel, which is quite popular as a picnic spot. It is actually a drinking water reservoir of the Kanpur Waterworks but the area around it has been developed into beautifully lanscaped gardens.

Kanpur Zoo

Rated one of the best zoological parks in the country, the Kanpur Zoo or the Allen Forest Zoo has been home to several species of fauna since its inauguration in 1971. Wild animals and the avian species can be easily spotted here.

Brahmavat Ghat

This is a shrine situated on banks of the Ganges. The Devotes offer prayers at an altar where wooden slippers, are kept.

Patthar Ghat

This is situated on the banks of Ganges, is a bathing place built of red stone by the minster of Avadh,Tikait Rai. The structure is marvel of Indian architecture. A huge temple devoted to Lord Shiva is also situated here.

Dhruv Teela

It is believed to be the spot where, according to Hindu mythology, the child Dhruva meditdated standing on one leg . Pleased by his devotion , god granted him a boon-to shine as a star for eternity Some other place of interest include the Ram Janaki Temple, Luv-kush Temple, HariDam Ashram and Nana Saheb Smarak.


Kanpur is famous for leather goods. The main shopping centres in the city are; The Mall, Birhana Road, Gumti No. 5, Parade, Naveen Market, Meston road and P.P.N. Market. The city centre also offers the shopper a delightful array of State Emporia, viz. UPICA, UP Handloom Emporium, Phulkari, Punjab Emporium and Manjusha, Bengal Emporium.


n5Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary: 43 km from Lucknow , along the Lucknow-Kanpur Highway near Unnao, is the Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary attracts rare Siberian migratory birds during winters, the main bird species being Pintain, Pigeon, Common teal, Shoveller, Pochard, Coot, Purple Moorhen and others. Lucknow: Located 90 Kms. from Kanpur, Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Bithoor: The quiet and beautiful township of Bithoor is situated on the Kannauj Road, 27 km from Kanpur. Situated on the banks of the Ganga, this tranquil spot is of considerable historical and religious importance. Sita Kund, Dhruva Teela and the mosque near Lakshman Ghat are some places worth a visit. Bhitargaon: (59 km) Situated in Ghatampur tehsil, Bhitargaon houses a unique architectural specimen – a brick temple belonging to the Gupta era. Dating back to 600 AD, this the very first shrine with a shikara. Musanagar: 65 km from Kanpur, the ancient site of Musanagar with innumerable mounds deserved mention on account of the ancient temple of Muktadevi, which is said to have been built in Treta-Yug by Raja Bali. A large fair is held at Muktadevi temple on occasion of Kartik Poornima. Musanagar is also a rich archaeological site and has yielded a large number of artifacts and specimens of the post Harrapan, Shunga, Maurya and Kushana periods. Kannauj: (80 km) Situated on the banks of the river Ganga, Kannauj was the 7th century capital of Emperor Harshavardhana?s empire, which encompassed the entire region between the rivers Sutlej and Narmada and eastern Bengal. While all traces of this past have vanished, Kannauj is famous for its manufacture of essence (ittar) used in perfumes.