Trade Tax

Cantonment Board Kanpur levies trade tax on all persons carrying on trades and callings within the limits of the Kanpur Cantonment as specified in schedule annexed to gazette of India no. 44, Part-III Section-4 dated October 30 th – November 05 th 2004 . The rates of trade tax for various professions and callings are given below :-


Grade I | Grade II | Grade III | Grade IV | Grade V | Grade VI | Grade VII | Grade VIII
Grade IX | Grade X | Grade XI | Grade XII | Grade XIII | Grade XIV | Grade XV

Grade I

Rs. 00/- for a year or a part thereof exceeding six months.

Rs. 00/- for six monthe or a part thereof

Regimental contractor including Contractor of units of more than one hundred persons
Licensee of an electric power supply Company
Regimental Indian Army Service Core Contractor for wood
Regimental Indian Army Service Core Contractor for meat
Manufacturer of ice or Regimental Indain Army Service Core Contractor of ice
Proprietor of a factor working under the Indian Factory Act 1934
Regimental Indian Army Service Core Contactor for fresh vegetables or onions, dry or fresh fruits
Building or road contractor
Seller of motor cars, motorcycle and accessiors and repair garages
Keeper of open liquor bar or sellers of foregin or Indain Liquor
General merchant deali9ng in provisions, patient medicines, toilet requsisites, tobacco, cigraettes, crockery and fancy goods who pays Income Tax
Cycle hirer keeping thirty cycles or more
Proprietor of a Cinema, threater, dancing hall or of similar place of Public entertainment including Melas and Circus
Nursing Homes having more than six beds and operation threatres
Barat Ghar, Hotel, Community Hall, Entertainment club and sports club
Dealer of Petrol or Desiel Oil (Petrol Pump)
Dealer of Gas (Gas Agency)

Grade II

Rs. 00/- per annum or Rs. 00/- for six months.

Dealer of furniture, Carpets or Kalins whom pays income tax
Dispensing chemist
Wireless dealer
Jeweller, seller of gold, diamond and silver ornaments
Dealer, Contractor or repairer of Electric goods or fittings
Canteen run by the units
Electro plates
Sellers of plastic furniture’Seller of computer etc.
Shamyana House