Ward No. I

The boundary starts from south west corner of cantt board Mahatama Gandhi Park to Subhash Road crossing , all along North side edge. Thereafter Subhash Road  crossing to Tagore Road crossing, all along North side of subhash Road crosses Tagore road, from that point towards south all along tagore Road, till south west corner of Larmour bagh colony. From that point to Gola Ghat, all along north side edge of Gola Ghat Road from that point to Cantt Board pillar No 1 along river Ganga, from pillar No 1 to Pillar No 3 From pillar No 3 To Jajmau crossing, form crossing to Nathu singh Road Circle,all along west side of tagore Road, From Nathu Singh Road Circle to edge of B. No 26, turn along west side of MG Road up to its junction with albert Road. Thence, all along south side of Tilak marg where it meets RL Jain marg. From that point to south west corner of MG Park.

Ward No. II

From CBP No 4 the boundary runs towards north all along Tagore road upto Nathu singh road xing and then along nathu singh road upto its junction M.G.Road, form there it runs along MG  road upto its junction with Albert road and it takes turn along Tilak marg (Harding road) Till H.No 154 Mirpur near Civil area Boundary Pillar No 22  from there to H.No 197 near CABP No 23,24,25,26 & 27, from there along the boundary of B.No 110 there after along the boundary of parachute factory upto cantt boundary on GT Road. Thence it runs along the cantt boundary from pillar No 22,21,20,19,18,17,16, 15F,14D,13B,11A,10,9,8,7,6,5,4 upto the Tagore Road.

Ward No. III

The boundary starts from cantt boundary pillar No62.it runs to the south west corner of MG  park, Then runs along the eastern side of R.L.Jain Marg (Napier Road) Until it crosses Allahabad Railway line . from railway crossing it runs towards old cemetery road.From old cemetery road upto the nullah running on the North of Maulana Azad Park.Then the line runs along the nullah till it meets Faulkner Road near H.No678, Faithful Ganj. Then it crosses Faulkner Road, touches the H.No52 Faithful Ganj. Thence ir runs along the west side of lane between CBP Primary School and hata No C-18. After that it crosses AM Jaipuria Road (Muir Road) Towards Cantonment board Pillar No55. From B.P No 55 To 62, along Cantonment Boundary.

Ward No. IV

From CanttBoard Pillar No 55, The Boundary runs to CBP No 53,52 & runs along Northern side of  Irwin Road, Takes a Southern turn along with the west side of Hospital Road, then takes a turn toward west at Dina Saudagar masque. Covering the approaching road meets the crossing of  Bisco Road. Then takes a right turn at the House no 2 (of Sh Nawab Bhai).runs along the eastern edge of Bisco Road upto Elliot Road Crossing. Thereafter the Boundary runs along Eastern edge of Elliot road, Takes left turn to Tilak Marg(Harding Road) From there the boundary runs alnogwith the southern edge of Tilak Marg until it meets the old cemetery road crossing. Taking a left turn the boundary runs alongwith the western edge of old cemetery road, along boundary of Azad Park, Then to the Faulkner road point, Touches H No 52, Faithfulganj, thence all along to CB primary School boundary to the starting point of the ward.

Ward No. V

Starts from Cantt Board Pillar No 52, runs toward Cantt B.P No 51 to52, to 49and 48, from Cantt. B.P No 48 and takes a left turn towards Elliot road. Runs along the Eastern edge of Elliot Road and taken a left turn at Bisco Road Crossing. Runs along Eastern edge of Bisco Road, takes a turn to left at H.No 2 Mirpur (of Sh Nawab Bhai) Then runs along the northern side of approach road, joins west side of Hospital road at DinaSaudagar Masque. Runs along Hospital road till it crosses Irwin road at Faithfulganj Market, runs along Northwest side of Irwin road and meets the starting point on jaipuria road.

Ward No. VI

Starts from CBP No 48 (at Eliot Road, Railway Station road junction) the boundary runs along the Northern side of  jaipur Road upto CB Pillar No 44  then to 43. Thence runs along Jaipuria Road until it takes it Takes a left turn into the lane at H.No 335 Harrisganj. From the Soutnwest corner of H.No 335 it runs along the boundary of Edgah and Garden No.6, takes left turn along the bundary of Fire Brigade station, crosses Tilak Marg and runs along Tilak Marg , till the Northern corner of B.No 110 (Civil Area Pillar No 30) From that pillar to Eastern croner of B.No 110. from there to civil Area Pillar No 27 to 26 to25 to23 to Tilak Marg.  Thence it turns on the southern side of Tilak Marg at house no 154 and runs upto eliot Road crossing, then takes a right turn to Eliot Road. Runs along the Eastern side of Eliot Road and meets Cantt Board Pillar No 48.

Ward No. VII

From CB  Pillar No.43, the Boundary runs along CB Pillar no.42,40,39,38………….24,23. From there the boundary runs along the eastern side of G.T Road till the North-West Corner of Parachute Factory. From that point it runs along the Northenrn boundary wall of Parachute Factory and runs upto South corner of  B.No110. Then it runs to East corner of B.No.110, from there to North corner of B.No.110, Takes left turn to the side of Tilak Marg, runs along the southern side of Tilak Marg, Crosses Tilak Marg to meet the boundary wall o fire brigade, runs along periphery  of Garden No.6 Takes a Right  turn to the road infront of Edgah, meets the south west corner of H No.335 Harrisganj. From there it crosses Jaipuria road and takes a right turn along Jaipuria road upto CB Pillar No.43

Ward No. VIII

 From North side of Gola Ghat in Cantt. The boundary runs towards board Pillar no 81 along ganga river upto CBP No74,73,72,71,70,69,687,67,66,65,64 to63-B,63-A,63,62 to southwest corner of Cantt. Board Mahatama Gandhi Park, Takes turn along northern side edge . thereafter sughash road crossing to Togore Road crossing, all along North side of subhash road. Crosses Tagore Road, from that point towards south all along tagore road, till south west carner of larmour bagh colony . from that point to Gola Ghat, all along North side edge of Gola Ghat Road.